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Now that people feel safer, they’re booking a record number of travel reservations. Because of this, prices have increased for hotels, restaurants, fuel, and rental cars (some over 150% increase!) and there is no returning to ‘normal’.

Friendly reminder, prices are always subject to change, and since the 2022 pricing was released in 2020, we have to bite the bullet and modify our 2022 pricing so we can continue to bring you the quality vacations you expect, still at the best value. Make plans now to secure current pricing for 2022 trips! Promotion details:

  • Place a deposit between Nov 1 – 26, 2021 ($500 for US trips) on your 2022 adventure that has availability. (This gives you 4 weeks to select your 2022 vacation at current pricing!)
  • Existing reservations that are under deposit for 2022 trips are locked into current pricing. (Pricing is based on deposit date of the trip.)

Fine print:

  • 2022 pricing will be published shortly after the end of this promotion (when the website will be updated.)
  • Travel credits retain their existing value (like a gift card) but do not lock in pricing for 2022 trips. If you have an “open” travel credit with us, contact us at or call 928.284.8654 to select your 2022 trip during the promotion dates of Nov 1 – 26, 2021. (We will also email all guests that have an open travel credit.) Any open travel credits used after the promotion date are subject to published pricing on the website.
  • Standard cancellation policies and terms and conditions remain the same.



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