Theresa from KS (on the left, gray hair) and Janet, owner of Canyon Calling in Sedona

Canyon Calling enjoys a very high return rate among our guests. Theresa has traveled with Canyon Calling on ten trips… and has more booked!

Meet Theresa N from Kansas.

We asked Theresa, or as I call her “T” because she is that awesome, a couple of questions on why she chooses Canyon Calling and what keeps her coming back.  Thanks Theresa, and congratulations on your 10th Canyon Calling trip! We love ya, and look forward to seeing you again and again!  See T’s answers below to our questions:

CC:  You are obviously a travel junkie. Tell us a bit about your travel interests in general.

T:  Yes I guess you could say that.  It is funny that I didn’t realize that I have a freckle on the left hand that looks like an airplane, so I guess I was meant to fly and travel. I like to try new things, about anything once.  I want to enjoy the world, see and experience different things, cultures, see things that you only have heard about or seen on TV.

I also love coming back home telling of my experiences. Everybody at home is always waiting to see what happened on the trip, it’s always an adventure.

CC:  So, ten trips with Canyon Calling… amazing!  What is that all about?

T: I found CC in 2017, and wow what a ride I have had. When I first talked to Janet over the phone she was willing to listen and made me feel welcome. Though I almost cancelled the first trip, I was getting nervous because I had never done something like this. Questions that race in your mind: what if I can’t keep up with the others or I hold them back.  I remembered what I read on the website “you don’t have to go to the Gym to travel, just come on the trip”.  Once you get to meet the group, the energy that each person brings, it empowers us.  It gives you courage to do things and have fun! During the trips you get to know the other women in the group, for example rotating roommates gives you a chance to pick up different tips about traveling and find out some of their world. We support each other; no one is left behind, some might go faster and some of us might be slower but the trip leader always balances it out.

CC:  Do you have a few favorite adventure trips, and if so, why are they favorites?

T:  I really don’t have a favorite trip.  Each one has a special memory attached to it.  You challenge yourself and that makes you feel great when you accomplish it.

Whether it’s hiking down to Havasu falls and enjoying the crystal clear water, the helicopter ride out, seeing how true American Indians live on the reservation, enjoying a sunset ride on a BIG horse, white water rafting, zip-lining and coming in hot, or laying in the park watching the stars, it’s all an adventure and a thrill. You can let loose, and feel free.  Just be flexible, if something doesn’t go as planned, the trip leader will rearrange for a replacement activity or something else fun to do.

CC:  What keeps you coming back to Canyon Calling?

T:  Why do I keep coming back?  I know that I will be taken care of by the CC trip leader, whether it’s in California or Costa Rica .  I remember in Costa Rica we were climbing up Mt. Arenal and I was afraid to go farther due to my knee. The guide helped me and encouraged me and I did it without any problem thanks to her! (That was after I tasted a termite, and didn’t die!) I like the variety of the trips that are offered and the trip leaders are awesome.  They want to make sure you have a good time and go out of their way to help you experience the places we go.  When you find something that is good you stick with it.  And, it’s always hard to say goodbye at the end of the trip to your new tribe, so we stay in touch and travel together again.

CC: Do you have your eye on any future Canyon Calling adventures?

T:  In 2023 I am planning to go to the Yucatan, Mexico in April, and in August to Iceland.  Also I would love to go see Petra on the Jordan trip.  I also saw the new trip to Greece.  It gives one something to look forward to. Who knows anything that looks fun and exciting.  I would even repeat some trips.

CC:  Canyon Calling loves having you as one of their top travelers and guest extraordinaire! What would you say to any woman who’s on the fence about taking a trip with CC?

T:  Take the leap of faith, what do you have to lose? You meet new people and find out about them. You have a good time, memories that you can always look back on.  Just make the best of anything.  I look forward to meeting more people on your trips, we always make it fun!

p.s. I remember the first trip when I helped a woman from Australia hike to Delicate Arch in Utah. Then she offered half of her sandwich to me – another new friend! So many good memories. Thanks for asking me. I hope this helps to give someone else the incentive to come and experience what you have to offer.

Thank you T, for your delightful curiosity, kindness, and ongoing patronage! We are very grateful for you.
— Janet & The Crew at Canyon Calling Adventures for Women




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