COVID 19... Should You Travel?

The news of COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and we understand the uncertainty and concerns from our community. Our guest’s health and safety is always a priority and we are closely monitoring the situation. We realize you may be wondering how this could affect you both before and while you travel, and we are here to provide information that may assist with your adventure trips.

At Canyon Calling, if a trip is confirmed and there are no Level 3 travel warnings to the destination from either the CDC or U.S. State Department, the next steps for you are to proceed as you normally would, book flights, review your packing list, and if you choose, meet with your healthcare professional to discuss your health in relation to the trip. You should also review travel insurance coverage.

We are getting the question: should I travel? This depends on a variety of factors, including where you are going and when, your flexibility, risk tolerance, and recommendations from your healthcare professionals. We encourage you in this time of uncertainty to make informed decisions and to not let fear outweigh facts.

As of this moment in time, the World Health Organization does not recommend that you cancel your travel plans unless you are sick or at high risk. And when you travel, you should take routine precautions to stay healthy.

You may also be wondering what happens if a trip you are booked on or are considering joining has a change in status and the CDC or US State Department issues a Level 3 warning to avoid non-essential travel. If this happens and the trip is scheduled to depart fewer than 60 days for international trips and 30 days for domestic, we will cancel the trip and you can choose to either transfer amounts paid to an alternate trip, or receive a full refund. For trips with departure dates outside this window we will review their status on a frequent and case-by-case basis and keep you apprised. If, however, you choose to cancel from a trip where the Level 3 warning isn’t in place or if there is a Level 3 warning and departure is outside the time parameters given above, your cancellation will be subject to our cancellation policy at the time of the request to cancel.

We encourage you to periodically check the CDCU.S. State Department and World Health Organization for travel information and advisories.

This is a challenging time for all and it is our sincere hope that the situation improves quickly and that we can all get back to the joys and excitement that comes with an anticipated adventure. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay calm, stay informed, take the steps you normally would to stay healthy, and to keep on adventuring on!


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