Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-09-11T05:31:25-07:00
HOW DO I REGISTER AND PAY FOR MY TRIP?2023-10-09T13:32:09-07:00
  1. Create your account or log in to your existing account.
  2. Choose your trip and date, and choose your type of payment: Deposit, Pay Remaining Balance, or Pay in Full. Then select the number of people you are booking for. Add to cart and proceed to check out.
  3. Complete the forms, and you’ll receive your trip registration confirmation via email.

Deposits for US tours are $500 USD per person.
Deposits for International tours are $1000 USD per person.

We accept credit cards and checks. If you wish to pay by check, please continue all the way through the checkout process (just like a credit card payment) to receive important information and next steps.

Final payment is due 30 days prior to tour departure for U.S. Domestic trips and 60 days prior to tour departure for International trips.

If the tour is full, you can ask to be waitlisted by calling 928-284-8654 or emailing

WHAT IF I’M TRAVELING SOLO?2023-11-21T14:08:54-07:00

Welcome to the world of solo travel! The majority of women who travel with us come by themselves. We assign and rotate roommates every time we change lodging – it’s a great way to get to know your travel companions. If you want to pay a single supplement to guarantee your own room, there are a few single rooms available on each trip.  Please give us a call to check availability and quote the amount for that specific trip departure.

WHAT IF I HAVE TO CANCEL MY TRIP?2023-10-09T13:32:08-07:00

The amount of your refund depends on how close you are to the departure date of the trip you cancel, and whether it is a U.S. Domestic or an International trip. Another dependency is when the trip is communicated as a “go” that is when the trip is nonrefundable. We understand how disappointing it can be in the event you need to cancel or change your long-anticipated adventure. Our polices are not meant to be punitive, however, we plan far in advance for each departure and continuously send non-refundable payment to hotels and other suppliers. We use your deposit payments to prepare for your participation and handle other costs associated with our operations. Therefore, we must strictly adhere to our cancellation and transfer policy for all participants. We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance in the event you must cancel or otherwise change plans.


If you are interested in a trip that is full, send us your email and phone number. If there is a cancellation, we will contact you directly based on the waitlist order as first come, first served.


When you register, we’ll send you a confirmation email that we’ve received your registration form and deposit. When the trip is formalized as a ‘go’, we’ll email you that it’s time to book your airline tickets and we will send you other detailed information. Upon full payment we’ll send you a confirmation email that we’ve received your final payment and share other pre-trip information at that time such as a packing list to help you pack the right clothes and gear for the activities, detailed meet up information, a list of the lodging accommodations, and the name of your Trip Leader with contact information, as well as other important information.

HOW FIT DO I NEED TO BE?2023-10-09T13:32:06-07:00

Our trips are generally designed for moderately-fit women. If you can hike 5-8 miles in a day, you’ll do just fine. No one should have to go to the gym to go on vacation (unless they want to!). None of our activities are considered “extreme”. It’s also important to remember that no activity is mandatory – after all it’s YOUR vacation! We offer “soft” adventures as well that have less activity, or less strenuous activity, and usually focus on local culture and food.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT A WOMEN’S TRIP?2023-10-09T13:32:06-07:00

Plenty! Let’s face it – we act differently when the guys aren’t around! We feel safe in so many ways – to let our hair down and totally be ourselves, to try new things with experienced guides and outfitters. We gain confidence in the inherently nurturing environment of other women. Wonderful friendships form and the memories endure for years. New friends become old friends, and often sign up together for trips each year.


It’s often hard to find friends and family who share your love for adventure, or have the time or money to travel. For many, shedding responsibility and relaxing while someone else takes charge are determining factors in joining an organized trip. Some join Canyon Calling trips to learn new skills and to gain confidence in and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. All agree that vacation time is too precious to squander on figuring out the details and dealing with disappointments.


Our tours are multi-activity. Each day we enjoy the splendor of Mother Nature from a different vantage point, ensuring a very stimulating vacation. Canyon Calling trips are basically all-inclusive from the meeting point to departure. You won’t be asked to pay for entrance fees or to tip outfitter guides. We take photos of the scenery but mostly of you having fun so you return from your trip with not just selfies! We share a link with the group so we can upload and download photos. Very often our destinations “speak” to our guests, and as we discover the local culture, we re-discover ourselves.

WHAT SHALL I PACK?2023-10-09T13:32:04-07:00

Before departure, we supply you with a detailed and comprehensive packing list based on your trip, making the whole process very easy. The most important items to bring on any adventure trip is kindness, a sense of humor, an open mind, and flexibility!


No they’re not, because our guests often want to use their frequent flyer miles or loyalty program points, may want to coordinate with another guest’s travel itinerary or may want to arrive early or extend. If you want help arranging your flights for a nominal fee, feel free to contact Jane at Jane’s Travel in Scottsdale, AZ It is your responsibility to get yourself to and from the trip meet up point. Internal flights are included in some itineraries so please read the tour itinerary to be clear on what if any flights are included or give us a call!


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… from our Adventure Travelers!

“As I fall back in my day-to-day, it will give me satisfaction just knowing that somewhere on this spinning planet there is a marvelous guide leading a group of women to a beautiful place – and it will make their hearts soar! The sights that I have seen on these trips are surpassed only by the wonderful spirits surrounding them.”

Mary B.

“Your trips give me the opportunity to laugh like a little girl! Swimming in Emerald Lake, lying on a glacier, laughing till my sides hurt – these are the things I will remember always.”

Sherryann P.

“My word for this trip was trust. We trusted one another with our challenges and our hearts. From the full moon in Canyon de Chelly to sloshing up the Narrows – I feel so lucky to be part of this great cosmic experience!”

Marybeth S.

“Your trips are top notch adventures that are all about getting in touch with the many facets of Nature’s splendor while doing something special for one’s self. We’ve camped really comfortably in Southwest canyons and hiked, biked and ridden horses and jeeps. Every day is a new activity which makes for a great vacation.”

Nancy B.

“Words cannot begin to describe what the last ten days have been for me. The energy and expertise you put into every aspect of the trip allowed me to let go and just be. The camaraderie of the women, the chance NOT to be in charge while at the same time completely trusting the hands of whom I write, all while laughing till my sides burst – well my soul is FULL!”

Sarah M.

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