Our Guests are our best references.

I will highly recommend the trip and your company to my friends!

The Iceland trip was a truly a trip of lifetime for me.  Anna Lara is amazing and a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to listen to and interact with.  What a kind, caring and loving person with a passion for what she does. She made the trip so much fun and it exceeded my expectations.  I will highly recommend the trip and your company to my friends and I hope to join you on another trip in the future.Thanks for all you did to make our trip a success.
— Lori T, WI

An experience of a lifetime!

I so appreciate your doing everything you could to make this an amazingly positive experience. This was everything I had hoped for and so much more! Emma was a phenomenal guide who made every aspect of this trip something to be experienced! She is a treasure!! I was hoping this would be an unforgettable week and it was truly an experience of a lifetime! Thank you for providing this opportunity for me and like-minded women!
— Gretchen P, IA

I felt comfortable inviting another co-worker!

The trip was absolutely amazing – as was our Leader – Karen! The scenery is breathtaking, and there is such a variety of activities, delicious food, fun shops, cute places to stay – I could go on and on! I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who wants to experience all the beauty of Canada! Also – while the trip itself was amazing, Karen made it even better! I loved meeting her as the Leader on our Utah trip and was so thrilled when I found out we were able to get her on this trip too! She is knowledgeable, fun, funny, accommodating, caring, etc. – just all around amazing! I trust her to always make everyone feel at ease and welcomed, which is why I felt comfortable inviting another co-worker – Teresa – on this Canada trip as well – as I knew she would absolutely love Karen just as much as we all did in Utah! I wouldn’t change a thing on this trip, and I hope to book another trip for next year and if I can find a trip that Karen can Lead – even better. Thank you for offering such amazing adventures. The memories we made and the experiences we all shared together are priceless!
— Emily B, IN

We had the best collective “juju”!

I feel blessed to have been a part of such an AMAZING experience. It was truly life changing. I still had the after-glow today, so the harsh reality of my day job wasn’t as bad as it could be. Karen is absolutely PHENOMENAL! I really hope I can make more trips with her in the future – even if it waits until I retire. Before the trip I was concerned about so many things – did I pack the right gear, did I pack too many clothes (well sort of – but [a] that’s on me and [b] now I know better for the future), will there be enough bathroom stops, etc., etc. But Karen made sure that we were prepared the night before for everywhere we went – both in terms of what gear we needed, how we should dress, etc. And there were so many bathroom stops! Guess that is the benefit of all women’s adventures! Also, I must thank you and Karen for being so attentive to my plant-based, vegan needs. I loved the meals we had!! I always found something and I was NEVER hungry. Plus I had some of the best vegan desserts I ever had. Lastly, thanks for providing me with one of the most memorable vacations I ever had. The group was definitely special. The universe got us all together for a reason and we had the best collective “juju”! Plus, to have the opportunity to spend quality and alone time with my best friend/”sister”, Sue, was icing on the cake. That said, I think I made some new friends for life on this trip.
— Robbin K, AZ

Affordable and wonderful adventure vacation.

I just got back from the Canadian Rockies trip, with Karen as our guide. It was my second CC trip, and once again it was amazing! The itinerary was perfect, as we saw all the sites…and more.  Karen was an awesome guide, well informed, new the area, and worked non stop to make this a great trip. Thank you for an affordable and wonderful adventure vacation. I will definitely be traveling with you again.
— Amy V, MN

Informative, and fun!

I went on the Northern New Mexico trip in May and it was awesome!!! My first one ever and it was everything I hoped it would be! Liz and Joselyn were amazing, informative, and fun! The 6 of us girls in the group instantly bonded and we all got along great! Now I’m yearning for another.
— Ellen M, OH

Marvelous guides, beautiful places, wonderful spirits…

“As I fall back in my day-to-day, it will give me satisfaction just knowing that somewhere on this spinning planet there is a marvelous guide leading a group of women to a beautiful place – and it will make their hearts soar! The sights that I have seen on these trips are surpassed only by the wonderful spirits surrounding them.”
— Mary B, NY

Celebrating the joy of adventure

“I’m thankful that your spirit has created and provided such a wonderful safe environment to celebrate the joy of adventure. New Zealand turned out to be a trip beyond anything I’d imagined. It was a celebration of the wonderful spirit of women – compassion, empathy, tolerance and inclusivity.”
— Linda N, Edmonton

Best medicine in life.

I went on this journey to discover the beauty of the Rockies, only to discover something greater … the beauty, strength and courage of women supporting women! What a great service we do for ourselves when we shed our armor of everyday life to pursue adventure and self-growth. It was a thrill to be reminded here in the Rockies, that confidence plus goofy fun is the BEST medicine in life.
— Irene N, HI

Laugh like a little girl!

Your trips give me the opportunity to laugh like a little girl! Swimming in Emerald Lake, lying on a glacier, laughing till my sides hurt – these are the things I will remember always.
— Sherryann P, PA

Great cosmic experience

My word for this trip was trust. We trusted one another with our challenges and our hearts. From the full moon in Canyon de Chelly to sloshing up the Narrows – I feel so lucky to be part of this great cosmic experience!
— Marybeth S, KS

Get in touch with your heart and soul

I am certain that many of the images and deeply emotional experiences I have had on this trip will remain clear in my memories. I am grateful for your leading me into challenging adventures that have given me more self-confidence. Your trips get me in touch with my heart and soul – its good medicine.
— Leslie V, CA

A must see!

Canyon Calling trips rank extremely high among my worldwide travels. New Zealand is a “must see” for every traveler who journeys through our glorious planet. Your kindness, sincere efforts and well-selected destinations make these trips quite magical.
— Devra H, PA

Top notch adventures

Your trips are top notch adventures that are all about getting in touch with the many facets of Nature’s splendor while doing something special for one’s self. We’ve camped really comfortably in Southwest canyons and hiked, biked and ridden horses and jeeps. Every day is a new activity which makes for a great vacation.
— Nancy B, VA

Recommend these trips to my friends!

I had so much fun on this trip! I have 7 new best friends now! The activities challenged me just enough and totally renewed my sense of adventure! Karen was great, she is patient, fun, encouraging, she really cared for each one of us and did everything to make sure the trip was a great one. Great job, I will absolutely recommend these trips to my friends!
— Carrie Rock, IL

I got to be a kid again with no worries

Thank you for helping me regain the spirit of adventure with activities that I once loved but let go of over the years. Your careful planning helped me enjoy “being in the moment” and that calm will stay in my memory when life re-enters a hectic pace. I got to be a kid again with no worries and am filled with a sense of wonder at our beautiful earth.
— Maria O, CT

Laughing till my sides burst

Words cannot begin to describe what the last ten days have been for me. The energy and expertise you put into every aspect of the trip allowed me to let go and just be. The camaraderie of the women, the chance NOT to be in charge while at the same time completely trusting the hands of whom I write, all while laughing till my sides burst – well my soul is FULL!
— Sarah M, FL

Unforgettable life experience

You did it again … not just an adventure but a wonderful, unforgettable life experience was my gift from your care and planning. Once again this trip proved how courageous and loving are women all over the world. Our travel team was great.
— Becky B, New Brunswick

Enjoy the challenge of the moment!

I treasure my Canyon Calling experiences.  You have taken me awesome places.  Your endless efforts to put together fun activities that teach me something about myself while I enjoy the challenge of the moment, make you special and your trips a joy.
— Margie S, CA

Life calling

My spirit expands every year that I travel with you. You work tremendously hard to make these trips possible. Not many people can say they have found, and are good at, their life’s calling.
— Joy O, MN


This was one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever done. I am going home renewed. Thanks for the memories.
— Lee R, IL

Adventure that filled our souls

This trip was a rich tapestry of treasure that unfolded hourly where we multi-faceted characters began to share and revel in our fortunate gathering amid spectacular scenery. All senses were refreshed and renewed from combinations of physical challenges, delicious foods, and body pampering. Deep conversations laced with humor, the complete awe of an unlit sky where the Milky Way sparkled us into silence while shooting stars reminded us of our dreams and held us. Janet led us through an adventure that filled our souls and brought Mother Nature into full view. Canyons truly do call us.
— Betty H, WA


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