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Canyon Calling was founded for the adventurous female traveler who wants to experience it all.

Our mission is simple: we’re women who empower women just like you. We take small groups of women on active vacations to some of the most scenic places on earth. Through our guided adventures around the globe, we empower you to explore. To learn. To connect. To grow.

To discover yourself.

You deserve to unleash your wild spirit — without the burden of your daily responsibilities and distractions. You deserve to belong to a tribe of like-minded women who cheer you on as you try something new. And, most of all, you deserve to have FUN.

That’s exactly why we do what we do. We’re a group of women who are passionate about connecting women — so you can experience everything the world has to offer. We love serving women who are:

  • Active and adventurous — Whether it’s sea kayaking or ziplining, you’re always up for a challenge!
  • Foodies at heart — You’ve never met a dish you didn’t want to taste…
  • Looking for a female traveler companion group — Because traveling alone isn’t nearly as fun.
  • Endlessly curious — You love to learn about new places and meet interesting people around the world.
  • Seeking deeper connections — Aren’t we all seeking deeper connections?

Sound like you? Then you’re in good company, my friend! Our vacations were custom-designed for women just like you.

Hiking vacations for women only in Arizona

Our Story

Our beloved organization was formed over 20 years ago, back when our founder was still leading co-ed tours. Every now and then, she was treated with all-women groups, but that wasn’t the norm then.

One day in 1996, while guiding tours through the beautiful Sedona desert, our founder made an intriguing observation. She noticed that the all-women groups behaved differently than the co-ed groups.

Rather than just politely listening to the guide like the co-ed groups, the all-women groups were deeply invested in the tour and asked fantastic questions. They appreciated, honored, and respected the native connection to the land.

Even the quieter women were speaking up more confidently! It turns out, they had so many valuable things to say — things they were holding back when they were in the presence of men.

And the women — who started the tour as complete strangers — were able to form lasting bonds over the course of the tour. They would even arrange lunches to continue their conversations after the tour was over.

So, surrounded by the staggering red rocks of Sedona, our founder made an important connection…

Something extraordinary happens when women travel together.

And leading women’s adventure travels became a permanent focus of Canyon Calling from that point forward. We haven’t looked back since!

The Canyon Calling Manifesto

These principles give us life:

We know and do what’s right. We can feel this one in our gut.

We treat others the way we want to be treated.

We deliver the best experience we can on every single trip.

We are global-minded. We are tolerant. We are caring. We are kind.

We look for opportunities to serve the common good.

We’re honored to be affiliated with:

  • National Geographic
  • Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • JourneyWomen
  • WorldWide Women
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Vacations for women

Our Approach

At Canyon Calling, we have a deep appreciation for the stunning world around us — and every person who inhabits it. We constantly tap into that global mindset so we can provide thoughtful and authentic adventures around the globe. And our guests love that our itineraries focus on cultural immersion and authentic connection with locals.

When you travel with us, you can expect a welcoming and inclusive environment — because our top-notch Trip Leaders and staff are inherently warm and caring. And we intentionally travel in small groups so you’re sure to feel cared for and connected.

Every woman deserves to let her hair down and explore the world. Have you ever wanted to embark on a magical glacier hike? Or snorkel with dolphins? Or wander the Redwood Forest? We believe you should be able to! And we don’t want your budget to get in the way.

That’s why our trips are very reasonably priced — so you can plan your next adventure without breaking the bank. We’re committed to providing fun, affordable, and active vacations — for women of all ages!

Ready to book your next adventure?

By now, you’re probably envisioning yourself fearlessly roaming the world. Perhaps ziplining in Costa Rica… or kayaking with Alaskan whales… or River rafting in Croatia…

Maybe you’re looking for a travel group for single women. Or maybe you’ve got a softer adventure in mind — one that offers upscale accommodations, delicious foods, and gentler nature experiences. Ahh, the bliss!

Either way, we’ve got you covered. With our extensive list of upcoming trips, we’re sure to have something for every woman — from ages 18-99. Click the button below to find the right trip for you!

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Trusted Partners

Yes, we’re jazzed about our tenet of Travel and Wellness! So jazzed that we found our partner to bring this most important practice front and center.

Introducing Sue Kartheiser

Sue is a nationally certified personal trainer/fitness instructor and obtained her certification in Nutrition Counseling from Trinity School of Natural Health. Sue has two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Education from Vanderbilt University. She has been operating her fitness, nutrition and wellness business, Stay Fit With Sue, since 2004.

In addition to wellness, her background includes teaching the blind and visually impaired, and sales management for Fortune 100 companies. Sue blends her training, teaching and communication skills with supportive compassion to empower individuals to achieve and maintain their optimal health and wellness goals. Sue believes in and supports One Fitness for your mind, body and spirit. Clients love the results they achieve with Sue and find her to be an “amazing motivator and coach who makes personalized goals and safety a priority.”

For Sue, wellness is a lifestyle. Having dual citizenship in the US and Luxembourg, she loves to travel and incorporates fitness, nutrition and wellness into all her adventures. The world is her gym! Being naturally curious, she enjoys exploring new places and cultures. Sue keeps her journeys alive by finding new healthy foods and recipes along the way and incorporating them into her nutrition plan at home.  Meet Sue on one of our One Fitness Wellness Retreats!

Contact Sue to find out how she can help you.  Personal Trainer | Sue Kartheiser | Stay Fit With Sue | Fort Collins, CO


… from our Adventure Travelers!

“As I fall back in my day-to-day, it will give me satisfaction just knowing that somewhere on this spinning planet there is a marvelous guide leading a group of women to a beautiful place – and it will make their hearts soar! The sights that I have seen on these trips are surpassed only by the wonderful spirits surrounding them.”

Mary B.

“Your trips give me the opportunity to laugh like a little girl! Swimming in Emerald Lake, lying on a glacier, laughing till my sides hurt – these are the things I will remember always.”

Sherryann P.

“My word for this trip was trust. We trusted one another with our challenges and our hearts. From the full moon in Canyon de Chelly to sloshing up the Narrows – I feel so lucky to be part of this great cosmic experience!”

Marybeth S.

“Your trips are top notch adventures that are all about getting in touch with the many facets of Nature’s splendor while doing something special for one’s self. We’ve camped really comfortably in Southwest canyons and hiked, biked and ridden horses and jeeps. Every day is a new activity which makes for a great vacation.”

Nancy B.

“Words cannot begin to describe what the last ten days have been for me. The energy and expertise you put into every aspect of the trip allowed me to let go and just be. The camaraderie of the women, the chance NOT to be in charge while at the same time completely trusting the hands of whom I write, all while laughing till my sides burst – well my soul is FULL!”

Sarah M.

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