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Canyon Calling Adventures for Women
Celebrating 28 Years of Expert Trips

Canyon Calling Womens Tour to Coffee Pot Rock

The idea of taking women on adventure trips was conceived on a jeep tour in Sedona, Arizona in 1996. Occasionally, the group was all women. The women, strangers to each other just two hours previously, bonded easily and often had lunch together afterwards. It was noticed that quiet women, who would unlikely have said much in a co-ed group, had plenty to share. Co-ed groups politely listened to information about Native Americans but the all-women groups showed a keen interest, asked questions, and really understood the native connection to the land. Something extraordinary happened when women traveled together. Thus, Canyon Calling was founded! After years in Sedona with Canyon Calling, the founder decided it was time to make a life change. After a long search, a very capable and established adventurer, Janet Scalzo, met the stringent requirements to acquire the company.

Canyon Calling Womens Tour to Lake Abiquiu

New ownership as of 2014…and growing ever since!

Janet Scalzo leads select adventures and loves meeting and traveling with Canyon Calling’s Guests. Janet brings the experience of over thirty years in the travel industry, along with years of international travel and marketing operations with her. Most importantly, she brings her innate sense of curiosity, true love of sustainable adventure tourism, passion for hospitality, and need to connect with the local culture. Janet attended the College of St. Catherine in Minnesota, where she lived for most of her life, and was employed at Carlson Companies for over twenty years in a number of progressively responsible positions including Head of Operations in Amsterdam, Netherlands for a travel loyalty program. Janet has found her true calling! Isn’t it grand when a career and a passion come together?

Canyon Calling Womens Tour Ice Lagoon Womens Group

Exceptional Quality, Fresh New Ideas

The adventure destinations are a mixture of Guide’s and Guest’s ideas, research on what’s trending, and our own personal favorites. These popular destinations are reviewed and refreshed ongoing, with new and exciting destinations and itineraries added all the time.

Canyon Calling Womens Tour Swimming, Media press kit

Canyon Calling has introduced ‘soft’ adventure trips, active vacations with an emphasis on food and wine, maybe a mineral spa or two. We’re offering trips of shorter duration, and new in 2024: Wellness Retreats! And above all, Canyon Calling continues to ensure a superb experience and adventure vacation for our Guests.

Cultural Exchange and the Promotion of Global Citizenship

Immersive travel is a major component of all Canyon Calling trips. Guests can expect international itineraries to include such aspects as home-stays, preparation of meals with our local hosts, delivering school supplies to local school children, and exchanging native dance and song.

Canyon Calling Womens Tour, Media press kit

Multi-Activity Itineraries

Canyon Calling offers unique itineraries that are especially scenic and offer an array of fun ways to explore the outdoors. Incorporating various activities on each trip, guests may experience a mixture of kayaking, hiking, zip lining, canoeing, trekking a glacier, white water rafting on a scenic river, soaking in mineral pools, cycling and more. Each trip is a true multi-activity vacation!

Canyon Calling Womens Tour Kayak, Media press kit

All-Inclusive Pricing

Rest assured there are no hidden fees on Canyon Calling trips. Everything is spelled out in the What’s Included and What’s Not Included section of each trip page. Canyon Calling trips include most or all meals, accommodations, land and sea transportation, all activities, all activity guide gratuities, local guides and gratuities, and all entrance fees and passes to attractions, and state and national parks. Basically, get yourself to the meet up point and get yourself home after the trip. In between, we got you!

Canyon Calling Womens Tour to Grand Teton, Media press kit

One Fitness Rating

All Canyon Calling adventures are designed for moderately-fit women. In general, if you are reasonably active in your life then you’ll do just fine on the trips. Our guides choose a hiking pace that is comfortable for all and take the time to soak in the views, smell the flowers and photograph the wildlife. Canyon Calling chooses kayaking trips where the wind is usually at our backs on the way home; selects rafting trips where the rapids are rated 3’s on average, and on horseback rides guests always go slowly downhill. And, no activity is mandatory – after all, it’s your vacation!

Canyon Calling Womens Tour Rafting, Media press kit


Guides take photos throughout the tour and provide a secure link to access photos, so after each trip you can download the digital prints you want from your trip. On vacation, you’re usually busy photographing the scenery. Canyon Calling guides make sure that you have photos of you and your road sisters in all the best places and ideal opportunities.

Canyon Calling Womens Tour Ruins, Media press kit

The Benefits of Women-Only Trips

Canyon Calling Adventures provides women with a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which to challenge themselves, explore new parts of the world and build lifelong friendships. Guests can expect to depart Canyon Calling tour locations with a newfound respect for a previously unfamiliar culture and a sense of accomplishment of overcoming any physical challenges. Canyon Calling guests gain confidence in the inherently nurturing environment of other women. Wonderful friendships form and the memories endure for years! Oh, and we’re foodies so bring your appetite!

A High Customer Return Rate

Canyon Calling boasts an impressive return rate of guests who have experienced one of their adventure trips. The passion for adventure travel is ignited, or rediscovered, while experiencing their first trip with Canyon Calling, or their tenth! We design a personal experience and connection with the destination and the local people, and so importantly, with the guests and their guides.

Canyon Calling Womens Tour Waterfall, Media press kit

Dedication to Sustainability

In the field, Canyon Calling practices and promotes Leave No Trace principles. Sustainable Travel International methodologies, along with other sustainable travel practices are in place. We are members of the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) to connect with our peers, attend local, regional and international events to keep us on the cutting edge of sustainable travel practices.

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Our Tenets

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… from our Adventure Travelers!

“As I fall back in my day-to-day, it will give me satisfaction just knowing that somewhere on this spinning planet there is a marvelous guide leading a group of women to a beautiful place – and it will make their hearts soar! The sights that I have seen on these trips are surpassed only by the wonderful spirits surrounding them.”

Mary B.

“Your trips give me the opportunity to laugh like a little girl! Swimming in Emerald Lake, lying on a glacier, laughing till my sides hurt – these are the things I will remember always.”

Sherryann P.

“My word for this trip was trust. We trusted one another with our challenges and our hearts. From the full moon in Canyon de Chelly to sloshing up the Narrows – I feel so lucky to be part of this great cosmic experience!”

Marybeth S.

“Your trips are top notch adventures that are all about getting in touch with the many facets of Nature’s splendor while doing something special for one’s self. We’ve camped really comfortably in Southwest canyons and hiked, biked and ridden horses and jeeps. Every day is a new activity which makes for a great vacation.”

Nancy B.

“Words cannot begin to describe what the last ten days have been for me. The energy and expertise you put into every aspect of the trip allowed me to let go and just be. The camaraderie of the women, the chance NOT to be in charge while at the same time completely trusting the hands of whom I write, all while laughing till my sides burst – well my soul is FULL!”

Sarah M.

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