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Welcome to the Travel and Wellness Blog! This month I’m grateful to share my reflections from our recent New Mexico Magic Wellness Retreat. Our retreat blended sustainable daily wellness activities into the high-quality adventure travel experience that Canyon Calling is known for. In a word, it was WONDERFUL!!

The Environment

Northern New Mexico was the perfect destination for a wellness get-away. Hiking in the mountains at Ghost Ranch, soaking in the mineral springs at Ojo Caliente, and taking in the history and spiritualty of Santa Fe and Taos all set the stage for feeling refreshed and re-energized.  The beauty of the area allowed us to forget the strains of everyday life and focus more on the present moment. It offered the opportunity for our group of like-minded women to tune into their well-beingness, reflect and learn about some healthy lifestyle practices.

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 “I so appreciate your doing everything you could to make this an amazingly positive experience. This was everything I had hoped for and so much more! Emma was a phenomenal guide who made every aspect of this trip something to be experienced! She is a treasure!! I was hoping this would be an unforgettable week and it was truly an experience of a lifetime! Thank you for providing this opportunity for me and like-minded women!”
— Gretchen P, IA Active Alaska

We Conquered it All

While a retreat provides an escape or time off from everyday life, it doesn’t mean participants must spend all day in stillness or silence. Our retreat was a welcome balance of rest and adventure. We eased into each day with a Stay Fit with Sue Wellness session: a peaceful morning stretch, mindful meditation, breath flow, and journal entry. From there, we set out on adventures in true Canyon Calling style. We were curious, we explored, we laughed, we were active, we learned about ourselves, we learned from each other, we were inspired, we were mindful, we ate delicious nourishing meals (and some M&Ms), and we connected. WE ESCAPED THE STRESS OF OUR DAILY ROUTINES. Truly, we stepped (and sometimes hiked) into mindfulness and conquered it all!

Self Discovery

All in all, our retreat took us into the present moment and gave us space to accept ourselves with kindness. It allowed us to return home refreshed and more open to being curious and mindful about ourselves and our surroundings. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect example of travel and wellness? Yes, it sure does!

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Let’s Go!

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