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Welcome to the Travel and Wellness Blog, a place to let your sense of curiosity and adventure, along with social connections, lead you to wellness. The journey to wellness should be an enjoyable and fun process that you can and want to leap into!

We all know that spending time with our friends, and sometimes family, is enjoyable and fun. But did you know that our social connections have a positive impact on our well-being? It’s true, effective wellness plans include an emphasis on friendships and positive social connections because they play a powerful part in achieving and maintaining well-being. Isn’t this fantastic news?

It’s just the kind of information that motivates and empowers us to dedicate time and energy to our wellness goals. Not only can we achieve and ma Save intain our goals, we can enjoy the process while having fun exploring with friends! YES, we can stop dreading those miserable and sacrificial things we thought wellness required of us and start spending more quality time with our friends and traveling! Let’s take a deeper look at what this means and how we can benefit from it in our lives.

Women travelling to Ghost Ranch, NM with Canyon Calling Adventure Tours

Make Connections. Stay Curious. Explore. Be Well.

First, just a quick reminder that last month we learned about the positive, powerful impact curiosity and exploring your world have on wellness. In case you missed it, you can review it here: Women’s Travel Blog – Canyon Calling  Now let’s build on that platform with another welcome and wonderful stepping stone on the road to wellness: social connections.

According to Harvard Medical School, “Incorporating social support and connections is critical for overall health and for healthy habits to be sustainable. Social connections not only give us pleasure, they also influence our long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet, and not smoking. Dozens of studies have shown that people who have social support from family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.”

The CDC tells us that “No matter who you are you can take steps to create new and stronger relationships.” Traveling with a group of women on any of the amazing Canyon Calling adventures is a great way to get started. Whether traveling solo or with a companion, you are sure to make new friends on our trips and enhance your social connections…which we now know leads us to wellness!

Quote from Linda D, from PA:

In order to travel as much as I want, I often have to travel alone. My friends are either married and will only travel with their spouses or aren’t interested in traveling. Canyon Calling has provided me with a way to travel and see all the places I want to see while also enjoying the company of like-minded women. I have met so many wonderful women on the trips that I’ve taken. Most of them are as independent as I am and they are all so interesting. I love meeting them and spending time with them.”

Let’s Go!

OK, let the fun begin! Where would you like to explore, have a great adventure with friends (new and old), and take a giant leap toward wellness? Europe? Asia? How about North America? There are so many fabulous and intriguing options, see them all here: Solo Women’s Travel: Women Traveling Together with Canyon Calling

Or, if you’re ready to immerse your mind, body and spirit in a magical travel and wellness adventure, join us on the Northern New Mexico Magic Retreat!! We’ll hike, laugh, meditate and explore the beauty of New Mexico together on our journey to wellness! Click here: Northern New Mexico Magic – Canyon Calling to learn more and register. (Space is filling fast, so jump in and do this for YOU!)

To learn more about how I can help you achieve optimal wellness through remote one-on-one fitness and/or nutrition sessions go here: Personal Trainer | Sue Kartheiser | Stay Fit With Sue | Fort Collins, CO

Stay Curious, Explore Your World and Be Well,



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