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Welcome to the Travel and Wellness Blog, a place to let your sense of curiosity and adventure motivate you to move with meaning AND lead you to wellness. We all know movement, a friendly term for exercise, is good for us.

We understand the benefits of working out in the gym, but honestly, doesn’t it sometimes feel like a confining and boring chore? Let’s face it, it’s missing meaning. The gym simply does not offer as much fun, adventure, or meaning as getting out and moving in the real world.

If you’re like us, sometimes your workouts are lacking in duration, quantity and quality due to boredom. Wouldn’t it be great for our body, mind and spirit to make a swift exit from the gym and start moving with meaning in the real world? Wondering how to make this happen? Here are a few ideas…

Step off the treadmill and onto the trail

Instead of staring at the clock on the treadmill and wondering why the seconds are going by so sloooowly, wouldn’t it be great to be trekking on a real trail, taking in your surroundings with awe and wonder?

Imagine hiking in the gorgeous Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. Your sense of curiosity and adventure will come alive as you breathe in the fresh air, listen to the variety of birds singing their sweet songs and admire the majestic mountain peaks and lakes.

Not only will you get all the health benefits of hiking, you’ll have the added dose of wellness that comes through igniting your sense of curiosity. Doesn’t this sound so much more inviting than moving in place inside on a treadmill? It sure does!

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 “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Women having fun rafting the turbulent waters of Idaho with Canyon Calling

Leave that land-based rower behind and set out in a kayak on the water

Why not replace that lonely journey to absolutely nowhere on the stationary rower, with laughter and joy as you kayak with friends in real, moving water?

Envision paddling in the Boundary Waters in northeastern Minnesota on a warm fall day with friends. You’d be sure to be wowed by the spectacular fall foliage (oh, the colors!!) and might even have a special visit by a loon!

Moving in nature while enjoying the incredible scenery and nourishing a friendship or two – what a fantastic way to enjoy the day and create wellness for the body and soul! Makes us want to get out on that water right now, are you with us??

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Women’s Travel Adventure Tour of Minnesota during the Fall. Photo: Autumn kayaking on a calm lake

Forget balancing in place on one leg when you could be exploring outdoors on a bike or white-water raft

Balance work in the gym can feel meaningless and frustrating. Wouldn’t it be more fun and effective to ride an e-bike or go white-water rafting? Yes, of course it would! Both are fabulous, functional and meaningful ways to work balance. Even better, they both increase Brain Health!

Just when we thought things were sounding pretty good, let’s make them truly awesome by taking that biking and rafting adventure to Croatia!! Hmmm, doing tree pose for 2 minutes while staring at the wall, or riding an e-bike through the charming town of Jelsa for a sensory journey? Or how about white-water rafting on the incredibly scenic Cetina River? No offense tree pose, we love you, but we’re off to explore the coves of the Dalmation Coast, the beautiful villages and the rich culture of Croatia!

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“Cycling helps your brain become more efficient by building neurons and growing the hippocampus…” ~ Medical News Today

Let’s Go!

Ready to make the world your gym? Ready to go on an adventure and move with meaning? Grab your sense of curiosity and click here to see where you’d like to go first: Solo Women’s Travel: Women Traveling Together with Canyon Calling

To learn more about how I can help you achieve optimal wellness through remote one-on-one fitness and/or nutrition sessions, including BRAIN HEALTH, click here: Personal Trainer | Sue Kartheiser | Stay Fit With Sue | Fort Collins, CO

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