Looking for the best things to do in Greece? No trip to Greece is complete without the magic of sisterhood—no matter what season of life you’re in! If you’re seeking a destination where age is just a number, and adventure is forever young—then you’re in the right place, Sister.

At Canyon Calling, we believe in celebrating the joy of friendship and the thrill of discovery. And what better backdrop for this than the dreamy landscapes of Greece? As seasoned guides for solo female travelers, we’re here to curate an unforgettable Grecian experience. Take a sneak peek at our bucket list of 6 must-see sights on your magical trip to Greece.

Picture yourself leisurely strolling through ancient ruins, indulging in divine wines with postcard-worthy views—it’s time to immerse yourself in the ageless charm that awaits you in the heart of the Mediterranean! 🌟

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“Greece is a perennial feast for the mind and a refuge for the soul.”


Solo Female Traveler: 6 Magical Things to Do in Greece

Trip to Greece Stop #1: Awe-Inspiring Athens

Begin your Grecian adventure in Athens, where history comes alive amidst ancient ruins. Imagine standing amidst the towering columns of the Parthenon, a celestial haven dedicated to the goddess Athena, crowning the Acropolis hill. The allure of history comes alive as you explore the New Acropolis Museum—a trove of ancient wonders.

Stroll through Plaka, Athens’ oldest neighborhood, where cobblestone streets weave tales of a bygone era. As the sun sets, surrender your senses to a warm meal at a timeless Greek tavern, where each bite is a dance of delicious flavors—a perfect introduction to the magic that Greece holds!

Things to Do in Greece #2: Tinos Treasures

Hop on a ferry to Tinos, a hidden island gem where boulders tell stories and every corner reveals the island’s rich heritage. Marvel at the surreal round rock formations of Volax—each stone a storyteller of Tinos’ rich heritage. 

Traverse medieval arches and partake in an interactive cooking class in a traditional home, immersing yourself in the heartbeat of local life. As the day unfolds, bask in the warmth of Greek hospitality and savor the flavors of a shared feast—a true celebration of life and friendship.

Trip to Greece Stop #3: Naxos’ Natural Beauty

If you’re looking for some of the more adventurous things to do in Greece, you won’t want to skip Naxos. The largest Cycladic island beckons with crystal clear waters and coastal wonders. Glide through the azure waters in your sea kayak, discovering secluded beaches ideal for snorkeling. 

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Things to Do in Greece #4: Culture & Cuisine in Naxos

While you’re in Naxos, go ahead and immerse yourself in the beating heart of Greek culture and cuisine. Sample the world-famous yogurt, a creamy delight echoing centuries of tradition. Savor local delicacies by the sea, where every dish tells a story of Greek culinary artistry. Wander through charming shops adorned with unique art, each piece a testament to Greece’s ageless charm and timeless allure—a stroll through living history. 

Trip to Greece Stop #4: Santorini Splendor

Santorini, with its volcanic soil, offers more than just stunning views. Delight your palate with the world-famous wines of Santorini during an exquisite wine tasting in one of its breathtaking wineries. Your taste buds will dance with every sip, and the dramatic views will provide the perfect atmosphere for this sensory journey.

Things to Do in Greece #6: Enchanting Oia

The grand finale of your Grecian adventure unfolds as you hike the Caldera Trail from Fira to Oia, tracing the footsteps of ancient merchants who once tread this path. Explore narrow passageways that wind through whitewashed buildings. Indulge in a leisurely lunch with the Aegean as your backdrop—the flavors of the cuisine mirroring the beauty that surrounds you.

Marvel at the famous “Portara,” an ancient doorway standing as a silent witness to centuries of history. As the sun sets over Santorini, casting a golden glow on the horizon, bid farewell to this enchanting island—collecting memories that will forever dance in your heart. 

And there you have it! Our curated list of enchanting experiences will elevate any trip to Greece beyond the ordinary. Trust us when we say— your Grecian journey is not just a vacation. It’s a collection of extraordinary moments waiting to be embraced by an adventuresome solo female traveler like you! ✨

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