Hey there, eco-tourism warrior! If you’re a solo female traveler with a mission to explore the world without leaving a trail of plastic behind, you’re in the right place. At Canyon Calling, we love a good adventure—but we’re all about protecting Mother Nature while relishing the joy of sustainable travel.

That’s why we’re proud to be a platinum sponsor of Travelers Against Plastic and SEE Turtles, two change-making organizations committed to cleaning up our act—literally!

In this blog post, we’re not just spilling the beans on our commitment to eco-tourism (though we’re pretty proud of it!). We’re handing you the reins—empowering you to be a force for good while you traverse the globe.

So, grab your reusable water bottle, and let’s dive into how solo female travelers like you can join the sustainable travel movement and make a positive impact on the places you visit. It’s time to nurture nature and step into the shoes of a mindful wanderer. 🌍💚

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“More than 430 million tons of plastic are produced each year, two-thirds of which is cast aside as waste after just one use.


Eco-Tourism Explained: Why Plastic Matters

Over 8 million metric tons of plastic inundate our oceans yearly, posing a direct threat to marine life. As we journey through new landscapes, our plastic footprint leaves an indelible mark on the very ecosystems we cherish.

The Travel Industry’s Role

Now, let’s spotlight the travel industry’s hand in this crisis. From airport snacks to hotel amenities, every plastic item adds to the mounting waste. Did you know the travel sector significantly contributes to single-use plastic consumption? 

The truth is—our escapades, if not mindful, fuel the plastic avalanche engulfing our oceans and lands.

It’s time for conscious action. As we embark on journeys, we must be mindful of the plastic problem. Our love for adventure can coexist with eco-conscious choices. Ready to join the eco-friendly travel movement? Let’s get on board with sustainable travel, leaving only memories behind—not plastic waste. 🌱👜

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“If all plastic waste in the ocean were collected, it would fill 5 million shipping containers. Put another way, there is enough plastic in the ocean to stretch 18,640 miles if placed end to end. That’s the equivalent of a trip from New York City to Sydney, Australia.”


Mindful Wandering: 5 Tips for Sustainable Travel

So, how can you, the solo female traveler, join the sustainable travel movement? We’ve got five tips to get you started!

Sustainable Travel Tip #1: Be the Voice of Change

Be the voice of change! Your individual actions matter, but to truly slay the plastic dragon, we need businesses and governments to join the battle. Support organizations like the Plastic Pollution Coalition and get behind initiatives like the Break Free From Plastic Act.

Eco-Tourism Tip #2: Shell Yeah! Support TAP’s Clean Turtle Habitats Initiative

Want to help turtles live their best plastic-free lives? If you’re screaming, “Shell yeah!”, consider donating toward their wellbeing. Your generous donations can directly aid Travelers Against Plastic’s Sea Turtles & Plastic program, dedicated to cleaning up turtle nesting beaches and oceans. 

Swing by their website and hit that donate button—let’s make sure sea turtles have the pristine homes they deserve! Together, we can create a safer haven for these magnificent creatures. 🐢💙

Sustainable Travel Tip #3: Clean It Up!

Grab a bag, channel your inner superhero, and clean up your surroundings. Whether you’re on a beach, in your neighborhood, or hiking in a park, be the plastic-picking champion. Check out local events and join a clean-up in your community—a fun way to make a bigger impact!

Eco-Tourism Tip #4: Shop With Purpose

Turn trash into treasure by supporting products made from recycled and ocean plastic. Be a savvy shopper and check out our Billion Baby Turtles sponsors offering everything from vegan shoes to swimwear. Your purchase creates a demand for recycled materials, driving the market for sustainable products.

Sustainable Travel Tip #5: Rise Above Single-Use

Cutting down on single-use plastic is a daily battle we all can win. Tote a reusable bag, sip from a refillable water bottle, and ditch disposable cutlery and straws. Thrift stores are treasure troves for budget-friendly reusable alternatives—saving the planet and your wallet!

Now you’re in on the movement! Eco-friendly travel and thrilling adventures? Double check! Cheers to making magical memories, not plastic waste. ✨

Ready to be a Sustainable Trailblazer With Canyon Calling?

Book one of our tours and travel with a crew of like-minded women who value nature as much as you do. Let’s travel together, creating memories that last a lifetime and leaving behind a world that’s cleaner and greener.

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