Travelers posing on an Iceland tour for women

Dreaming of embarking on an Iceland tour as a solo female traveler?

Solo adventures are a thrill, no doubt, but let’s keep it real—it can be a bit intimidating! Especially when those dreams involve conquering glaciers and riding wild rapids. 

At Canyon Calling, our itineraries are created by women, for women, and led by women.

So don’t worry, friend—this is our jam. 😎

With over two decades of leading fearless women around the globe, we’ve gathered some wild wisdom to make your Icelandic dreams a reality.

In this blog, we’re sharing our top 4 tips for your solo trip to Iceland. Ready to melt those nerves away? Let’s roll!

Tip #1: Opt for a women only tour.

If you’re craving an adventure but lack a travel companion, consider signing up for a women only Iceland tour. Groups like this are where solo female travelers come together as strangers to travel in sisterhood, and part as friends. 

And we mean it—no dudes! Let’s paint a picture…

Close your eyes and imagine conquering white-water rapids without a mansplainer in sight. It’s like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? Time to ditch the dudes, don’t you think? Just for a bit. 😉

When you opt for a women only tour to Iceland, you’ll hike glaciers, tackle rapids, ride gentle Icelandic horses, and do it all surrounded by a tribe of supportive women cheering you on. So, as you’re glacier hiking for the first time, you’ll feel lifted up and confident—not self-conscious.

The company of women is good for your soul—especially when traveling abroad. Empowerment beats mansplaining any day!

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Tip #2: On your trip to Iceland, travel with a small group of women.

Why get lost in a sea of faces when you can share your adventure with a handful of amazing women? Navigating Iceland’s wonders is a breeze when you’re part of a tiny squad. It’s so much easier to zip around to hidden gems when you’re not part of a massive tour group. 

The best part? Smaller groups are better for inspiring connections, laughter, and lifelong friendships. Dive into the Icelandic magic with your mini-crew and amplify the fun!

Tip #3: Want peace of mind on your Iceland tour? Travel with experienced, knowledgeable, and safety-certified guides.

Iceland has surprises around every corner, and your guides will be your ultimate adventure BFFs. They’re not just enthusiasts—they’re certified pros dedicated to keeping your journey safe and spectacular. With their local know-how, you can wander worry-free, knowing every step is backed by a guide who’s as passionate about Iceland as you are. Safety first, adventure always!

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“The Iceland trip was truly a trip of a lifetime for me. Anna Lara is amazing and a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to listen to and interact with. What a kind, caring and loving person with a passion for what she does. She made the trip so much fun and it exceeded my expectations. I will highly recommend the trip and your company to my friends and I hope to join you on another trip in the future.Thanks for all you did to make our trip a success.”


Tip #4: Trust an expert to handle the logistics and planning for your trip to Iceland.

Is planning stressing you out? Let the experts handle the nitty-gritty! From transportation to cozy accommodations, leave it to the pros—they have experience and connections in the local scene to get you from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently.

Your job? Soak in the moments. With your guide in charge of the logistics, you’re free from the hassle, ready to dive headfirst into the adventure.

A solo trip to Iceland is about finding your power, building connections, and owning your journey. Now, armed with these nuggets of wisdom, you’re ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

Join the Adventure with Canyon Calling’s women only Iceland tour! 🌟

Ready to transform your solo journey into an unforgettable girl-powered adventure? We invite you to explore Iceland Canyon Calling style! Join our Fire and Iceland Tour for women—an experience that embodies all the wisdom we’ve shared above. On our trips, you can always expect:

Women Only Tour Magic

Immerse yourself in a tribe of supportive women, leaving behind unnecessary distractions. This isn’t just a tour—it’s a sisterhood, a chance to share laughter, empower one another, and forge connections that last a lifetime.

Intimate Group Experience

Our small groups ensure a more personalized adventure, allowing you to explore hidden gems without the overwhelm. The destination is fabulous, but it’s the camaraderie that makes the journey unforgettable!

Expert Guides at Your Service

Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Our Guests adore our Trip Leaders, who are safety-certified to expertly guide you through Iceland’s wonders. Let their passion for Iceland guide you through surprises and wonders, ensuring a worry-free and spectacular journey.

Zero Hassle, Maximum Adventure

Leave the logistics to us! Our experts handle every detail, from transportation and accommodations to mouthwatering meals and thrilling activities. Your journey starts the moment you land—no planning headaches attached!

Wondering what’s on the itinerary for our women only tour to Iceland? Tour highlights include:

🏔️ Glacier Hiking: Conquer icy landscapes with breathtaking views.

🚣‍♀️ White Water Rafting: Ride the rapids with the support of your adventurous crew.

🌊 Visiting Waterfalls: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Icelandic waterfalls.

🐋 Whale Watching: Witness the majesty of whales and the delightful charm of puffins.

🌋 Visit Thermal Areas: Explore Iceland’s geothermal wonders.

🚤 Boat Trip to See Icebergs: Sail through icy waters for an up-close encounter.

🏡 Farm & Cabin Stays: Experience the warmth of Icelandic hospitality.

🏰 Visit a Folk Museum: Immerse yourself in Iceland’s rich cultural history.

🛁 Soak in Natural Hot Pools: Relax in geothermal hot springs, a perfect way to end your day!

Trust us, it’s as amazing as it sounds. So, let the empowering journey begin—where every moment is a celebration of women, adventure, and the beauty of Iceland!

Book Your Spot on the Fire and Iceland Tour! 🌈

“Thanks again for taking the worry out of travel. What fun tolting on a horse and making all these new friends. The final dinner was wonderful, singing our made-up song to the Icelanders. I’ll never forget that moment.”



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