Let's Talk Quality

Canyon Calling designs and leads multi-activity adventure trips for moderately fit women to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Here’s what you can expect:

A significant portion of our budget is spent on the myriad of activities offered on each trip. So, in order to keep our trips affordable, we choose clean, modern, comfortable lodging. We seek the newest motels but also include historic places like Old Faithful Lodge and other rustic cabins in the National Parks. When appropriate we occasionally book B&Bs.

We eat well – mostly in restaurants where you’re welcome to order any main course on the menu and a non-alchoholic drink. We skip appetizers and desserts. When camping, you’re treated to two-course meals of gourmet outdoor culinary delights. Ours are high energy trips and getting sufficient rest is important. Adding courses to meal times adds time that we have found is better spent resting.

Our first concern is safety. There are many different ways to raft a river, walk a glacier or to lead a horse ride. The outfitters we choose are the best in the region, the most safety oriented, totally familiar with all local conditions and are certified by the National Park or local authorities. Their guides are fully trained, experienced and terrific fun. Often the same guide works with Canyon Calling groups every year. They know the pace that works well for our groups and they work especially hard to ensure that our most inexperienced participants are comfortable and at ease.

Group Size
The last thing a Canyon Calling customer wants, is to feel like she's on a bus tour! Therefore, twelve is our limit on any trip and most of our groups are eight to ten. We want everyone to feel special and attended to and we’ve found that these numbers tend to work well for everyone.

No Age Restrictions
Women of all ages are welcome. One of the best things about these trips is the inter-generational sharing that takes place, so we encourage all ages to participate.

A well-planned adventure trip should have high-energy experiences followed by the chance to rest. We often schedule an activity earlier in the day and then travel to a new location in the afternoon. We carve out time for shopping or exploring on your own on the rare occasions when we are in towns. We also plan to return from dinner before 8pm so that you have an hour or two to yourself in the evenings.

No Annoying Extras
At Canyon Calling, we’re here to serve you. There are no annual membership fees to receive Canyon Calling news and information. There are no switch fees when you change your mind and prefer to travel on another of our trips instead. We also encourage you to apply cancellation fees to a trip the following year. And when we say it’s a Women’s Trip, we mean it . Just the fun of women's space.

Doing One Thing – Well!
Providing multi-activity adventure trips for women is what we’re all about. We can’t maintain a quality product by trying to be all things to all people. So sorry, we don’t do weekend getaways, spa trips, or week long canoe trips. Sometimes however, with plenty of notice, we are able to find time to lead custom trips for your book club or tennis group, to the destinations on our schedule.


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