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Company: Canyon Calling Adventures for Women
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City: Sedona
State/Province: AZ
Zip/Postal Code: 86336
Country: United States
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Owner: Cheryl Fleet
Media Contact: Cheryl Fleet
Contact Phone: 928-282-0916

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The Ultimate Multi-Activity Travel Adventures for Women
Vacations NOT Boot Camps
Carefully Planned Itineraries Played Out in Perfect Scenery.
Oh, The Places We Go!
Why Women Only?
Who Are these Adventurous Women?
All-Inclusive MEANS All-Inclusive

The Ultimate Multi-Activity Travel Adventures for Women



Snorkeling with sea turtles one day and walking to flowing lava the next – wow, I LOVE this type of vacation! "                           Terry T.Florida-Hawaiian Islands  



The heart of each Canyon Calling Adventures for Women trip is the multi-activity component.   It is what sets trips offered by this operator apart from other women-only trips. Think of each trip as a sampler of sorts, not unlike tasting fine wines; where variety is the heart of the experience.  Each selection has distinct attributes, and after sampling them all, everyone has a favorite or two.  In fact, Canyon Calling Adventures for Women introduced the concept of multi-activity adventures for women 14 years ago.


Today, the company has perfected the model, offering women the chance to explore the outdoors together in a multitude of ways amid some of the most spectacular scenery on earth.  Each trip to 16 different destinations on five continents includes activities generally classified as soft adventure, with cultural encounters and destination based activities sprinkled throughout the itinerary.  For instance, the Canadian Rockies trip includes canoeing, riding a gondola, hiking, walking a glacier, boating on a scenic lake, soaking in hot pools, and white water rafting.  It’s great fun to explore the outdoors from a different perspective each day.


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Vacations NOT Boot Camps


I hadn’t rafted before but I thought how hard can it be?  Just paddle and follow the instructions – what a blast! There’s life in the old girl yet”                Lee Redemske (IL) Canadian Rockies

  Canyon Calling Adventures for Women Founder and Owner Cheryl Fleet likes to say, “These are vacations, not boot camps.”  There’s no need to purchase a gym membership in order to prepare for any of the trips! The emphasis is on sampling not mastering the activities. Trips are designed for moderately fit women. In general, any reasonably active woman won’t find it overly difficult to participate in any of the activities.  Each Canyon Calling traveler receives top-notch equipment, training, and guidance needed to sample each activity on the itinerary. The group prefers to hike at a pace comfortable for everyone, taking the time to soak in the views.  Kayaking routes are selected so the wind is behind paddlers.  Most of the rafting trip rapids are Class Three, occasionally a Four, never a Five.  

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Carefully Planned Itineraries Played Out in Perfect Scenery.


“It’s a Beautiful World. We Go There!”

From Costa Rica to Canada, from Sedona to Switzerland, Canyon Calling guides women to the most scenic spots on the planet, places of extraordinary beauty!   Domestic and International trips are offered throughout the year, 16 different destinations on five continents.  Each destination is geographically diverse, lending itself to a variety of quality out-door adventures. These are quality, comprehensive experiences.

Quality Counts 

Each aspect of each journey is thoroughly researched. Travel is scheduled when local weather conditions are optimal for the activities, away from any crowds, one reflection of Canyon Calling’s commitment to quality and careful planning.  Unlike competitors, Canyon Calling guides have first-hand experience with the destinations in which they lead trips. There are no worries about personal safety or cultural “no-no’s” under the expert guidance of Canyon Calling guides. Familiar with the laws, customs, people and culture, they’re well-equipped to smooth the way for travelers. Trip leaders know low-key experiences should follow high-energy activities, so time is carved out to shop or explore towns on the itinerary.  Dinners are scheduled early enough in the evening so there’s time for those who desire to have quiet time before turning in.  

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Oh, The Places We Go!


“I’ve loved my six trips with Cheryl but there’s nothing quite like traveling with her to her native New Zealand, the relationships she has with the locals ensure a very special connection with all that is Kiwi.”    Lois G. New York

New Zealand Through the Lens of an Insider

The signature trip, this journey is led by company founder and owner, Cheryl Fleet, to her native New Zealand in February and March.  Fleet’s insider knowledge and personal connections to Kiwis and their homeland allows exploration to places rarely experienced by non-natives, granting her group exceptional insight into the lives of Kiwis.  Time is split between the North and South Islands so travelers leave satisfied, knowing they received a well-rounded experience in a place they will likely never see again.  The two-week adventure is offered once to women-only and once to both  women and men, the only exception to women-only trips in Canyon calling’s schedule.

Home in the American West

Another standout trip is the Sedona Sojourn.  Canyon Calling’s founder and owner, Cheryl Fleet has called Sedona, AZ. home for the past 16 years.  She knows the trails with the most spectacular views of the red rock canyons and where to find Sedona’s mysterious energy vortexes. Sedona is not only considered one of America ’s most beautiful towns but also a great multi-activity destination. 


Gem of The Andes

The newest destination in the Canyon Calling dossier is amazing Peru.  A country the size of Alaska, Peru has three distinct geographical zones. The high planes of the Andeans are the focus of the Peru journey.  It’s the quintessential travel experience, exotic and unusual yet safe and responsive to traveler’s needs.  A Latin American success story, Peru’s economy is vibrant and their democracy is stable.  The trip includes an option for an unescorted post-tour to the other two regions of the country, the Amazon jungle and the Nasca Lines in the desert.


Amazing Other Destinations  visited by  Canyon Calling are Alaska, Hawaiian Islands, The Best of the American West, Canadian Rockies, Swiss Alps, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks, Morroco, Greece, Iceland, Australia, and Costa Rica.



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Why Women Only?



Special Bonds

Something special takes place within a group of women traveling together in the outdoors.  They tend to bond quickly, and rejoice in their differences.  They are wonderfully forgiving of each other and laugh a lot, especially at themselves.   For some Canyon Calling travelers the trip is just the beginning of new friendships.  Numerous women who meet on these trips stay in touch with each other, often developing life-long friendships.


Time & Freedom to Put Yourself First

Women of every age tend to get lost at times focusing on others, sometimes at the expense of their own needs. On multi-adventure trips with other women, they can be free to consider their own needs first.  For those ages 40-60 this seems especially true. Tending to kids and sometimes spouses is routine for this generation, but for those with elderly parents requiring assistance, the caretaker role is even greater.  Most women who find themselves members of “the sandwich generation” willingly and lovingly accept this task.  Yet, spending time reconnecting with other women away from responsibilities is both liberating and renewing!


No Pressures- Cooperation not Competition

Some women feel more self-conscious in the presence of men, hyper-aware of their appearance or unsure of how they’ll be received. Others tend to relinquish leadership qualities, allowing men to take the lead.  Some women feel a little bullied or unheard by men especially when learning a new skill.  On women-only trips, there’s no pressure to perform, to go faster, or push harder.  Each woman sets her own pace, always encouraged but never pressured into doing something she doesn't want to do. No one cares if it took 55 minutes to hike the trail to the waterfall.  Instead, they appreciate that everyone made it there, enjoyed the views along the way, and captured a few photos of a bright red Tanager encountered on the path.  (Canyon Calling Adventures for Women doesn’t believe co-ed trips are a bad thing. They simply believe a group with both genders foster a different group dynamic than that of the women only experience.)


 "The past few years have taken a bite out of my self-worth...and this trip went a long way to restoring that.  I felt like I could do anything when I returned."  Joanne C. SC Fire and Iceland   

Confidence Building

The multi-activity trip offers a supportive environment for women to stretch their wings and try new skills. Often, women return home feeling a great sense of accomplishment and renewed self-confidence.


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Who Are these Adventurous Women?




You, Me, Your Sister, Neighbor or Co-worker

Canyon Calling Adventures for Women embraces diversity, welcoming women from all walks of life; from every race, faith and socio-economic background.  Canyon Calling travelers are courageous souls willing to try new activities with women they have not yet met. They are fun, adventurous, and flexible, stretching their wings and finding inspiration in some of the most beautiful spaces on earth.   


Small Groups of Every Age

Women of all ages are welcomed to travel with Canyon Calling Adventures for Women.  The philosophy of owner and founder, Cheryl Fleet is women have enough limitations put on them. Why add more?  Often a mother and her adult daughter travel together. It’s possible for even three generations of women to make the trip. The sharing between women of different generations is extra special.  Groups are limited to 12 women.  Often there are 8-10.  Keeping the group small makes travel more efficient and also makes it possible for everyone on the trip to get to know each other.


Single Travelers with Several Scenarios

Canyon Calling Adventures for Women trips provide a solution for hundreds of fun-seeking women who want to explore the world and themselves through travel.  For those women who wish to feel safe visiting exotic locales, for widows tired of vacationing with couples, for married women whose husbands work or have a disinclination for travel in general, for divorced women looking for space of their own, for care-givers who need a break from responsibility.  Mothers and daughters, sisters, neighbors, co-workers and old friends who live many miles from each other; each of these women look to Canyon Calling to meet their traveling needs.


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All-Inclusive MEANS All-Inclusive


One Price for One Trip. Period.

The last thing anyone on a guided trip wants to think about is paying for something extra. Canyon Calling trips include all meals, all accommodations, all land and sea transport, all activities, all guide services and tipping, all internal flights once the trip has begun and all entrance fees to museums, attractions and national parks. 


Freedom from Single Supplements
Historically, women traveling solo have been poorly served by the travel industry.  Single supplements are usually deal-breakers but there's no room for them on a women's trip with Canyon Calling.  Those requesting more space or privacy request single supplements and get them.  Double rooms are shared and roommates rotate every night so everyone on the trip gets to know each other.



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