Cancellation Policy
It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance and a brochure is supplied upon sign-up for trips.
North American Trips:
Canceled over 30 days prior - $100 fee. No refunds 30 days prior to departure.
International trips:
Canceled over 60 days in advance $200 fee. No refunds 60 days prior to departure. These fees may be applied to any future tour.

Friends Traveling Together
If you have 2 other friends who'd like to join us and the three of you would like to sign-up for the same trip then you're very welcome. However, a group of three is the limit as we have found that no matter how well-meaning the women, a group of four or larger creates an alliance and splits the harmony of a small group of 12 travelers. We appreciate your understanding.

Single Supplements
Double occupancy is standard on our trips and on the rare occasion you may be assigned a large triple room with two other travel companions.

Many first time travelers can’t imagine sharing a room with someone whom they’ve not met and so they request a single supplement. But what they soon discover is that sharing a room on a women’s adventure trip works out perfectly well – especially with our policy of rotating roommates each time we change locations.  Some customers who have requested and paid for their own room have told us that they feel like they missed out on some of the camaraderie.  Others who need more alone time have told us that having their own room enhanced their travel experience.

We discourage the purchase of a single supplement, unless you are a snorer of epic proportions and then we insist upon it (earplugs only work to a certain extent!)  Most all of us snore now and again, often when over-tired.  That is NOT what we are referring to here.  If sleeping in the same room as you is like sharing with a freight train, please, request a single supplement!

Some tour operators refuse to make single supplements available as they can be fraught with misunderstandings.  Here at Canyon Calling we will allow them but anyone contracting with us for a single supplement must read and sign a form containing the following information:

A “supplement” means in addition to the regular advertised price of the tour.

The price of the supplement will be the exact cost of one room for as many nights as the tour is in length.  Be advised that most rooms cost at least $100 per night.  Because prices change constantly, we are not able to post single supplement prices but we can make them available within two days of your request.

No matter whether you pay for the regular cost of your tour by check or credit card, a single supplement may only be paid by check.  This is refundable in exactly the same manner as our Cancellation Policies.

The cost of the single supplement has no bearing on the amount of people who are traveling on a tour.

Credit cards
While checks are most appreciated, Visa and Mastercard may be used and you can pay online. Please recognize that the minimal use of credit cards keeps our costs and therefore trip prices at a constant low. Please use credit cards on a need basis.

We respect your privacy and as such we will never share or sell your contact information.

The Fine Print
Canyon Calling reserves the right to refuse or to retain any participant at any time, on any trip, without refund; to substitute the schedule or equipment as necessary; to cancel any trip for reasons of safety, low registration or other circumstances; or to change prices if the $US falls unexpectedly. Please note that Canyon Calling cannot be responsible for airline ticket change penalties as a result of cancellation of a trip due to low registration, so we ask initial signups to wait to book flights until they hear from us that the trip is a go.


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