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Peruvian Andes
Machu Picchu is THE reason why most every traveler goes to Peru.  Some have concerns that altitude problems may impede their trip.  This is true if you hike the whole four days of the Inca Trail but we hike only one day of the trail and walk in through the Sun Gate at 8000' to be greeted by the magnificent view above.  We return to these sacred ruins the following day and our guide Marisol keeps us spellbound as she makes her Inca ancestors and their exploits here come alive.  But wait, there's more!  We ride the famous peso horses, raft the Urabamba, sea kayak on Lake Titicaca and soak in hot springs under the Southern Cross.  You'll be fascinated by the people of Uros living on islands, in houses and on boats all made of reeds.  Andean Peru is the quintessential travel experience - exotic and unusual yet safe and responsive to traveler's needs. 
It's ALL about the PHOTOS
Here at Canyon Calling we believe that a picture IS worth a thousand words.  Yes we know that photos take longer to download than text but we try to make them worth the wait!  This super shot was sent to us by a customer who found it on the web.  We like to think that if we'd been around 30 years ago that this resilient woman would have traveled with us!  Have you checked out our web site lately?  It's full of photos.  Every tour has it's own slide show plus at least twenty still shots to give you a comprehensive picture of what you'll experience on our trips.  Some tours even have video footage.
Stringing Trips Together   
Each year we schedule two of our geographically close destinations as back-to-back trips with a day in between.  We do this for those of you who have a little extra vacation time and who want to travel less miles to see more of the world.  For 2013 you'll see that our Tetons - Yellowstone trip is back-to-back with the Canadian Rockies.  The most often requested back-to-back trips are New Zealand and Australia but sadly that doesn't work for our outdoor adventure trips.  October is best for Australia in order to incorporate the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef but October is guaranteed to be cold rainy spring weather in New Zealand.  February is perfect for our New Zealand trip but that's a blazing hot time in Australia. Our plan for the future is to string together Australia and Thailand.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! 
Those of us who serve the women's travel market all have different offerings but the one thing that we all provide is a format for women to totally be themselves.  Canyon Calling's specialty is multi-activity adventures for the moderately-fit and each trip includes hiking, rafting, canoeing and horseback riding in some gorgeous part of the world.  But our trips also include hilarity, dancing, enriching conversation, great stories plus characters amongst us who cut loose and have us holding our sides laughing.   We choose the destinations, bring you together, keep you safe and provide the logistics - but its YOU who usually end up providing the entertainment and the best memories. 
Canyon Calling has been blessed with many customers who are our frequent travelers.  They LOVE doing something different each day of their vacation but the real essence is the fun and camaraderie they share with all their new-found friends. Sometimes they even return on subsequent trips as a whole group!  The Zackley's (long story) all met on the Canadian Rockies trip and followed that trip the next year with the Best of the West.  The Estelle group (with the paddles) traveled together on our Fire + Iceland trip and a couple of years later scheduled a custom trip with Canyon Calling to Costa Rica.  Five of the ten travelers on our upcoming New Zealand trip are alums and I'm very excited about leading them through my homeland.  We especially appreciate those of you who are part of our Canyon Calling family scattered all over North America. If we haven't heard from you in a while please drop us an email to say 
New Trips for 2014      
Turkey and Thailand, turquoise and tigers!  Next year we'll spend September in Turkey and December in Thailand researching and designing new trips especially suited to our Canyon Calling adventurers.  Details are not at all solid but you can be sure that Turkey will include both Cappadocia and a gulet boat trip in that gorgeous water.  In Thailand we'll be certain to be sea kayaking off their pristine beaches and interacting with both elephants and tigers. You can look forward to 10 day multi-activity trips to these exotic destinations in our 2014 listings.  Also back by poplar demand will be Fire + Iceland, Balloons Over New Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands trip.  Look for Awesome Aussie in 2015.
Enjoy some of the kids we've met on our travels






April 2 - 6

Sedona Sojourn 



April 15 - 26

Magic Morocco 



May 11 - 21

Peruvian Andes 



May 29 - June 3

Water in the Desert          



June 8 - 15

Best of the West 



June 22 - 28

Swiss Alps 



July 3 - 9

Desert Mountain Escape 



July 14 - 21

Alaska Midnight Sun 



July 27 - Aug 1

Tetons - Yellowstone 



August 3 - 9

Canadian Rockies 



August 24 - 30

Idaho Rivers + Mountains 



October 5 - 11

Southwest Highlights 



October 22 - 26

Sedona Sojourn 



November 3 - 10

Costa Rican Explorer 


San Jose



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February 4 - 19

New Zealand


I'll be in New Zealand January 14 through February 23.  Our office is open for phone calls and bookings plus you can reach me by email.  Please include your phone number in emails so that I can call you if necessary.   Booking early for these upcoming trips makes our life SO MUCH EASIER so we're extending the $50 early booking discount through February 23.  Come join us in Morocco and Peru!
Happy New Year!

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Canyon Calling Adventures for Women 
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