Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be?
Our trips are designed for moderately-fit, non-smoking women. If you can hike 5-8 miles in a day, you'll do just fine. If you are 30lbs over or under weight you may struggle with some of our activities. Since most of us exercise less than we should, we keep this in mind when choosing activities. No one should have to go to the gym to go on vacation. It’s also important to remember that no activity is compulsory – after all it’s YOUR vacation! We provide a sag-wagon on bike trips for those wanting to skip the odd hill and a helicopter alternative is available on the Havasu hike.

What’s so special about a women’s trip?
Plenty! Let’s face it – we act differently when the guys aren’t around! We feel safe in so many ways – to let our hair down and totally be ourselves, to try something new without having to maintain a stressing pace. We gain confidence in the inherently nurturing environment of other women and away from the limiting expectations of society. There is a real ease of communication knowing that we’re being understood. Gal time is great fun – laughing, sharing or singing, however the mood strikes. Wonderful friendships form and the memories made endure for years. New friends sometimes sign up together for trips each year.

Why would I go with a company versus plan my own trip?
It’s often hard to find friends who share your love for adventure. For many, shedding responsibility and relaxing while someone else takes charge are determining factors in joining an organized trip. Some join Canyon Calling trips to learn new skills and to gain confidence in the outdoors in a safe environment. All agree that vacation time is too precious to squander on figuring out the details and dealing with disappointments.

How is Canyon Calling different from other Women’s trips?
Our trips are ALL MULTI-ACTIVITY. Each day we enjoy the splendor of Mother Nature from a different vantage point, ensuring a very stimulating vacation. Canyon Calling trips are truly all-inclusive from the assembly point. You won’t be asked to pay for odd meals or to tip outfitter guides. We take photos of you having the fun while you’re taking all the scenery shots. We send you a complimentary CD and these are always so appreciated and enhance your memories long after the trip is over.

I’ll be coming on my own. Is that OK?
Canyon Calling was especially designed with you in mind! Eighty percent of our travelers sign up on their own knowing they’ll have a van full of new friends. There is no need to pay a single supplement as we rotate roommates in double rooms each night. If you want to share with someone specific all trip then that’s fine also. Single supplements are available for those who need more space/privacy, for those who snore or have medical issues.

What shall I pack?
We supply you with a detailed and comprehensive bring list, making the whole process very easy. The most important item that you’ll need is a sense of humor. It’s also important to bring along a flexible attitude as adventure trips can be unpredictable at times!

Are airfares included in the prices?
No – for two good reasons: We stay out of the airfare business and stick to what we know! Plus, some want to use their frequent flyer miles. Our Travel Agent is Jane at Jane's Travel in Phoenix. Call her at 480 755-1388 or email to arrange all your flights. It is your responsibility to get yourself to and from the trip assembly point – often an airport in the region. Internal flights are included in the trip prices on Costa Rica, Hawaii, Aurora Alaska, Peru and Australian trips.


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