Who are our Adventurers?

Very special folk, that's for sure! Canyon Calling's average adventurer is 48 years old. Most are between 35 and 65 and on past trips have ranged from 26 to 80. They are empty nesters, busy moms, retirees and professionals. Forty-five percent of our customers are married, often traveling with the encouragement of their less adventurous spouses. Single, widowed and partnered women complete the mix on our trips - all to enjoy the camaraderie of women in the outdoors. The "sandwich generation" is well represented - those seeking space from the stresses of off-spring, career and ailing parents. Eighty percent of our adventurers sign-up alone knowing they'll have a whole van full of new friends. Some come with sisters, moms, work-mates, college pals and neighbors! All are non-smokers and almost-all are moderately fit!

Our adventurers tend to be flexible folk who appreciate a sense of humor when adventuring in the outdoors. There are no grand dames on Canyon Calling trips and few remain princesses for too long! They know that boats have to be unloaded and the odd meal needs prep work but very soon their time is their own to relax and soak up the beauty of their surroundings. Thriving in a non-competitive environment, they love to try new skills and really appreciate the break from single supplements.

One special reason that some join our trips is to celebrate life's many milestones. National Public Radio recently reported that every seven seconds in the United States, someone is turning 50! One especially memorable celebration was Maryline White's 80th birthday on the last night of our Fiji - New Zealand trip in 2000. "Whitie" as she liked to be called, was in Marseilles in World War II handing out coffee and doughnuts to the Allied troops! After 40 years as a journalist in Maine she had great stories to share. Whitie maintained a great pace and was an inspiration to us all.

Most of our customers are Americans and incidentally, as an American company, our prices are in American Dollars. The next most represented country is Canada. Interestingly, every one of our 12 Fiji - New Zealand trips has had one Canadian - not two, or three - just one! Our "Canucks" as they are affectionately known, are often leading any high-jinx that take place! Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, Norwegians and Germans have joined us on our trips as well and add a wonderfully welcome international perspective.

Canyon Calling was honored to have poet Ann Hazelwood-Brady join our trips to Fiji - New Zealand in 2000 and to Greece in 2002. While in New Zealand, Ann read a poem to us that she wrote supporting the Equal Rights Amendment - see below. This photo shows Ann at the statue in Christchurch, New Zealand celebrating the passage of legislation that made New Zealand the first country in the world to give women the right to vote.

August 26, 1970

We took to the streets like a river
Flowing into history. Women
Women who have borne the world's children
Women who are jailed for whoring and for loving
Women who will not be fouled, fooled nor frightened anymore.
Women from the Grecian urn: truth and beauty made flesh.
Women like tribal queens.
Women from the sounds of silence
From the sun's first beam
From the wind's hot advance
And the sea's murmuring.

Women out of the earth's very beginning
Arose and walked arm in arm
Past stunned and jeering faces,
And we will not know today
Nor yet in the blue tomorrow's wake
What churned behind those faces.
It was enough, being a woman, to be there,
Demanding by our numbers,
Our rightful place to make a better world.
Ann Hazelwood Brady



Jo bungee jumping
on her day off.


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